Karuna Reiki:

Karuna Reiki® is introduced by William Lee Rand, Founder and director of International center for Reiki Training, in 1995. Karuna means "compassionate action" and so it is defined as “The Reiki of Compassion”. People who are already Usui Reiki masters are eligible for Karuna Reiki® Practitioner and Master level course. It is not a substitute to Usui or any other kind of Reiki, but it is simply an additional technique one can use to promote healing.

Working with various symbols to promote healing on all levels and chanting- toning while healing deepens the healing process. The chakras and auras of both the practitioner and client are also opened more completely allowing a wonderful vibrancy to take place within and around them. Those who have experienced this process report a feeling of becoming more awake, more alive and more completely healed.