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Crystal Blessing:

Crystals are programmed to heal by the crystal healer and they becomes a powerful tool which can be used to clear and heal blockages and negativity within our subtle body, feeling fresh and re-connected to life. The energies from crystals and gemstones react from our aura of energy, amplifying our energy to produce quicker results.

Crystals and gems can be used in many ways to promote healing. Different crystal therapies and treatments are designed by us to treat a number of physical and emotional problems. Discuss with me from the list of therapies which suits you best.

Strengthening Chakras : We have 7 main chakras on our physical body, connecting our physical body to our subtle body. These are the energy centers on our physical body in line from top iof head to base of spine. We also have the‘soul star’ few inches above our crown chakra and ‘Earth star’ below our feet that grounds us. A healthy chakra vibrates perfectly to its frequency and looks very bright.

Cord Cutting : Healing Aura and Chakras by removing any blockages and cutting any cords that would stop the flow of energy.This will promote balanced flow of energy and centering.

Blocked Heart Chakra : Any individual who is holding onto any bad experiences in a relationship or staying with unresolved memories that are stored in the heart chakra, can be healed easily so that it starts functioning properly.

Crystal grid : Placing healing crystals all around the body to enhance the flow of cosmic energy. Refresh, rediscover and rejuvenate yourself.